About Us

Ever since that time the organization has increased first by promotion Flair across the globe and second by creating new and advanced services and products in the nascent area.

Over a couple of decades to be established, Flair has been sold and sold in 15 states and being built in old and new saddles from saddlers and saddle manufacturers.

The next product to be found has been Korrector in 2001. Originally made to Flair western saddles it was great at fixing issues of match Language saddles its initial purpose was but overlooked. Corrector moved through several cosmetic variations in its period, for example, the debut of the most leather variant and also the brand new felt pad to get American saddles. The corrector cannot be defeated for functionality in cutting pressure and improving posture surface.

Whilst dealing together with manufacturers and saddlers equally it became increasingly apparent there is room for dramatic advancement for its conventional English saddle. Three decades of J&S produced the very first WOW saddles which immediately gained a reputation for improving the horse's operation, therefore gaining the name WOW, since it is the very first thing uttered by cyclists analyzing the saddle. WOW was analyzed separately in at least three continents also it has outperformed its competitors in pressure along with gait analysis.

Every product Thought Equine develops will be for the sake of their horse's health insurance and wellbeing but for enhancing the functioning of the ridden horse. Our products are stated from Kent, England.

The business has its unique series of horses for analyzing and improving our services and products in addition to used on our courses using saddlers and people. When a consumer demands more traditional assistance, they could use our centers, to get an online service at which matters may be tried, tested and modified before final production. This may be the greatest within our customized support.

Every little bit of this saddle was created inhouse to our designs.

Included with this we provide you with the option to produce your saddle completely distinctive giving you the freedom to select finishes and colors from this leather we use to the individual bits which produce the sections of one's saddle. Not merely will be the WOW saddle completely varying as the horse grows through it training but wholly unique for your requirements and also the market .

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